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Cryptocurrency and Taxes: What You Need to Know

  Sat, Jan 19, 2019     admin adminadmin

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in recent years as more and more investors recognise its potential as a profitable asset. One of the first cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, began in 2009 and has grown enormously. Today, Bitcoin is valued higher than Disney, IBM, and McDonald’s at almost $10,000 a unit. For tax purposes, the IRS does not consider cryptocurrency to be “currency,” but View More

Cash for Gold Cherry Hill

  Thu, Jan 17, 2019     admin adminadmin

From old and unwanted gold jewellery to gold fillings and gold electronics, cash for gold companies buy it all. Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  have been popping up everywhere with the recent rise in prices (hitting a high of $1900/ounce in September of 2011), but you should certainly be careful when finding someone to work with. And that’s why we’re here!   Our database of Cash f View More


  Thu, Jan 17, 2019     admin adminadmin

If you need some extra cash, it's a no-brainer to sell off some stuff you don't need anymore. We put all sorts of stuff on eBay or have a garage sale. But did you know you could be sitting on a fair bit of coin that you might not have considered? Like most women you probably have a jewellery box full of bits and pieces you've been hanging on to forever.   I had necklaces, rings and bracelets  View More


  Wed, Jan 16, 2019     admin adminadmin

There are only so many hours in a day, and so many hours we can do at work.  And sometimes, it seems like there must be another way to have some extra cash during the silly season.  Kids need gifts, food needs to be bought, decorations need to go up, and then don't get me started on the 'Back to School' costs which come straight after.   I've been wracking my brain for additional wa View More


  Wed, Jan 16, 2019     admin adminadmin

WE BUY ALL OLD OR NEW GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM AND DIAMONDS! The Cash for The Cash for Gold Exchange is Cherry Hill’s #1 gold, silver, platinum and diamond buyer. If you have any gold, silver, platinum or diamonds we guarantee to give you the highest price for your gold items and diamonds. We will buy your gold items in any condition, whether new, old or broken. We even buy your old or new wat View More

Rare $4 Gold Coin Worth As Much As $1.5 Million

  Thu, Dec 20, 2018     admin adminadmin

A rare gold coin with a face value of $4 could be sold for $1.5 million at a late-September Bonhams auction in Los Angeles, CA. Known as the Coiled Hair Stella, the six-ounce gold coin dates back to 1880 and is believed to be one of only 10 or 12 that were ever produced, most of which are in held in private collections or public institutions.   A Solid Gold Piece Of History   This p View More

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Gold is Holding Its Own

  Nov 21, 2018     admin adminadmin

Gold is rising more than it has for the past few years despite good economic indicators that usually cause the asset to fall. Naturally, it is climbing increasingly from $1208 in July 2017 to a price of $1362 on 25th January 2018; hence, making a 12.7% rise. Here are various reasons influencing a high value of gold in the market today. High Debts Naturally, gold appreciates higher government debts View More

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