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If you need some extra cash, it's a no-brainer to sell off some stuff you don't need anymore. We put all sorts of stuff on eBay or have a garage sale.
But did you know you could be sitting on a fair bit of coin that you might not have considered? Like most women you probably have a jewellery box full of bits and pieces you've been hanging on to forever.
I had necklaces, rings and bracelets from old boyfriends I haven't worn or even looked at in years and years, as well as some broken bits and pieces, earrings that had long-ago lost their mate, that sort of thing. In short, it was junk that I was hanging on to because I knew it was somewhat valuable, but had no idea how to actually do something about it.
I was stoked when I heard about Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  in from a friend of mine. They offer a service where you can sell them your broken, unwanted and unworn jewellery from the security, convenience and privacy of your own home - and they'll evaluate it for you and pay you for it if you're happy with their estimate.
Not only do they accept gold, but they will take unwanted silver and platinum items as well.
I couldn't wait to give it a try - I mean this is stuff that was just sitting there that would never be any use to me ever again, so I had nothing to lose and only sweet, sweet cash to gain and there has never been a better time as the price of gold is very high at the moment.
Cash for Gold Cherry Hill is a safe place , they have simple secure process. It's just like when you buy things online and have them delivered... this way you sell the unwanted items to them for extra cash (so you can buy more stuff online lol). Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  have never experienced a lost parcel via registered post.

How does it work?

Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  is a trusted company with a professional service and process. You simply head to their website and fill in the form requesting that they send you a mail in pack, free of charge. Depending on where you live, you'll receive it around 2 days to a week after requesting it.
 Your pack will contain a return pre-paid envelope for you to send your unwanted gold jewellery back to Cash for Gold Cherry Hill . There will also be some forms to fill in.
Put your unwanted jewellery in the reply paid envelope and take it to an Australia Post office. The envelope is sent registered post, so it's unlikely it will get lost. But if it does, it's covered by insurance, so there's not much risk. Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  supply you with a tracking number and a link to track your delivery so you can see when it arrives.
After about a week or so, you should get an email from Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  to acknowledge they have your unwanted jewellery and have valued it for specific itemised amounts.
If you're happy with the valuation, all you have to do is tell Cash for Gold Cherry Hill  that you accept and then they will arrange to pay the money to  you. If you're not happy with the valuation, simply advise them that you aren't, and they'll send your jewellery back to you free of charge.
How easy is that? You have nothing to lose, except some crappy old broken jewellery you don't want anymore.

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