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What Is The Future Of The Gold Market?

  Wed, Nov 21, 2018     admin adminadmin

Introduction The gold market is basically a gold trading platform. This, just like the stock market, is a platform where individuals or companies can trade gold amongst each other. The three largest gold markets in the world are the London OTC market, the Shanghai Gold-Exchange (SGE) and the US futures-market (COMEX). The gold market has been around since the 1970s and it has experienced many diff Ver mais

The Forces Behind The Stability Of The Gold Market

  Wed, Nov 21, 2018     admin adminadmin

As many people know gold sets the standard for currency value across the globe. Often the price of this commodity is spoken about in U.S. dollars and the value of it will fluctuate with market conditions. The forces behind these fluctuations are many, they are what keeps the market stable or not.   Political Crisis and Chaos   The biggest factor in the stability of the gold market is wor Ver mais

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Gold is Holding Its Own

  Nov 21, 2018     admin adminadmin

Gold is rising more than it has for the past few years despite good economic indicators that usually cause the asset to fall. Naturally, it is climbing increasingly from $1208 in July 2017 to a price of $1362 on 25th January 2018; hence, making a 12.7% rise. Here are various reasons influencing a high value of gold in the market today. High Debts Naturally, gold appreciates higher government debts Ver mais

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